WG Young Scientists

>> Every 1-2 months: fireside chats of the junior scientists - open for all! <<

The Young Scientists Working Group is a platform for networking, exchange and mutual support of young researchers in the climate field and is supported by the CCCA in terms of personnel and funding.
In addition to the annual networking meeting on Climate Day in April, fireside chats on exciting topics are currently held every 1-2 months, invitations to which are sent by e-mail. The group is intended for all young scientists (Bachelor, Master, PhD & early post-doc level) of CCCA member institutions - ideas, contributors and suggestions for further activities are always welcome.

Please contact the coordinator of the working group Philipp Wilfinger, philipp.wilfinger@ccca.ac.at directly.
Coordinator: Philipp Wilfinger (CCCA Graz)
Phone: +43 (0) 664 888 41 876

Upcoming Events:

Young Scientists Workshop at Climate Day 2023: Tues. 11 April 2023, 15:00-17:30 (arrival from 14:30) in Leoben (followed by Icebreaker evening event).Topic: Tipping Point Climate Protests - Research & Activism in Transition.
Mandatory registration here: https://klimatag-portal.ccca.ac.at/

Teaser: Occupied lecture halls and blocked streets currently bring the topic of climate crisis into the media almost daily. More and more climate researchers actively support the protests and/or engage in civil disobedience themselves, for example in the framework of Scientist Rebellion. Is the leap of science from the apers to the streets the expected social tipping point? And what does it mean to stand in solidarity with activists as a young scientist or to engage in nonviolent resistance yourself? To answer these questions, we invite experts from research and civil society. Discuss with us the opportunities and challenges, the present and
the future.

Some events of the past years:


  • Open exchange meeting of the WG Young Scientists (21.02.2023) in Vienna.


  • 3rd Young Scientists fireside chat on degrowth (14.10.2022) in Graz.
  • 6th CCCA Writing Workshop for Climate Scientists with DOSSIER (21.+22.09.2022) in Vienna, BOKU
  • 2nd Young Scientists fireside chat on sustainable urban planning (11.07.2022) in
  • Vienna1st Young Scientists fireside chat on the current IPCC report (08.06.2022) in Vienna
  • Follow-up planning meeting on Climate Day (06.05.2022) in Vienna
  • Networking meeting at the 22nd Austrian Climate Day (20.04.2022) at the Vienna University of Technology, on the topic "Climate research that reaches the real world": Download program


  • Networking meeting at the 20th Austrian Climate Day (24.04.2019) at the Vienna University of Technology.


  • Workshop on 18-19.11. in Vienna: Participatory approaches in climate and sustainability research: To the picture gallery
  • Networking meeting at the 19th Austrian Climate Day (23.04.2018) in Salzburg, on the topic of "Alpine Risks - Challenges, Approaches, Governance": Download program