WG "Role of Science in Society

Aim: The aim of the working group is to take a closer look at the tasks of science in general and climate research in particular and to consider the connections between the climate crisis and other major societal challenges (e.g. COVID pandemic, loss of biodiversity). Likewise, transformation as an object of scientific research and societal transformative processes, in particular the transformation towards climate neutrality, will be reflected upon to what extent climate research and climate researchers and the CCCA as an institution can and should promote these processes.

Background: According to Eurostat, the values for interest in science and technology, knowledge about science, appreciation of science and trust in science are low in Austria compared to the EU. Science is not valued by many as an independent critical social authority.

Guiding questions of the working group (result of a board retreat):

  • What is the role/responsibility of science in the face of major societal challenges?
  • How does CCCA want to act in terms of promoting transdisciplinary research and as an agent of societal transformation?
  • How does science need to change to earn society's trust?

The working group aims to produce a text that proposes answers to these (and possibly other) questions for the CCCA.

Duration of the working group: November 2022 - July 2023.

Chair: Lukas Meyer (lukas.meyer@uni-graz.at)

Members (as of October 2022): Tania Berger (UWK), Helga Kromp-Kolb (BOKU), Anna Meyer (MUL), Lukas Meyer (Universität Graz), Simon Tschannett (Weatherpark), Hans Stötter (UIBK)