KlimaKonkret - Mastering the consequences of climate change together

Did you know that Austria is particularly affected by climate change? While the global temperature has risen by an average of 0.5 °C since the 1970s, it has become around 1.5 °C warmer here in Austria over the same period.

The effects are being felt by everyone. But climate change impacts are not just a matter of comfort; they also manifest themselves in ecological, economic and social challenges.

To get a grip on man-made climate change, two strategies must be pursued simultaneously:

  1. Climate protection measures to limit the increase in temperature.
  2. Adaptation measures to safeguard the quality of life - despite the already noticeable consequences of climate change.

Only a combination of these measures will be effective. Because even if we intensify climate protection in the future, the climatic change can no longer be reversed. And the extent of the climatic changes is also crucial for successful adaptation.

Our goal: to increase the resilience of our communities and cities to the consequences of climate change and thus strengthen them in the long term.

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