The association CCCA

The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) is a research network supported by Austria’s most important research institutions. It promotes climate research and climate impact research and fosters collaboration in and among those fields. It also provides society and policymakers with scientifically sound information and advice on climate-relevant topics. The CCCA does not actively conduct research but sees itself as an institution which coordinates Austrian climate research. The CCCA supports its members in achieving their research goals in accordance with a strategy concept (focussing on all matters concerning climate research). (Excerpt from the Rules of Procedure, Preamble)

On 18 July 2011 the CCCA, Climate Change Centre Austria – Klimaforschungsnetzwerk Österreich, was founded as a non-profit association (ZVR: 664173679) in accordance with the Association Act 2002.

The association’s purpose and specific goals are (excerpt from Association Statutes, §2)

  • to enhance climate research skills and capacities as well as the awareness for and knowledge about climate change, and to support participatory and decision-making processes
  • to promote climate research on both qualitative and quantitative levels and foster the application of its results in Austria
  • to promote junior scientists and support knowledge transfer
  • to provide policymakers and society at large with scientifically sound advice on climate change assessment, climate policy design, and climate adaptation and mitigation measures
  • to organise and hold scientific conferences and workshops (such as the Austrian Climate Day).

The CCCA currently has 23 full members and six sponsoring members. Membership information and a list of current members can be accessed here.

In the context of allocating funds for the Organisation of Universities and their Studies in autumn 2013, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research approved the “Climate Change Centre Austria Cooperation Project (CCCA)”. Under the direction of the University of Innsbruck, 24 partners are involved in further developing the CCCA.