Data Center

Responsibility and tasks of the Data Center (see §4 CCCA Rules of Procedure)

  • Operation and maintenance of the CCCA research data repository (hardware and software)
  • Ensuring content, results, open access, usability and (long-term) availability as well as processing of the data
  • Content support of the board of directors
  • Projects and supervision of working groups assigned by the board of directors

The CCCA Data Server provides a central national archive for relevant climate data and information and ensures access to climate research relevant data as well as models, research resources, model results and literature. The goal here is to promote interoperability and collaboration among different scientific and research communities to reduce data redundancy and data loss.

One of the most relevant climate models for the CCCA community emerged from the project ÖKS 15 - Climate Scenarios for Austria. Here, the future development of precipitation, temperature and other climate indices was simulated on the basis of observation data sets until the end of the 21st century and results for the different regions of Austria were published. Currently, a further development and redesign of the climate scenarios created in 2015 is being pursued. In addition, the GeoClim project ensures, among other things, the expansion of the CCCA data center to promote internationally competitive computing and storage capacity for monitoring and modeling.

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