Past CCCA Activities and Events

The CCCA organises activities such as professional workshops with and for the individual member institutions (e.g. EURO Cordex events) to strengthen networks. As the needs of the individual members form the basis for the CCCA activities, the workshops also serve to gather regular feedback on those needs.

The following pages list the CCCA events and corresponding documents.

What can the CCCA provide?
As the central point of contact, the CCCA draws on the skills and experience of its members and consolidates these according to specific requests. This unique organisational structure unites the expertise of all twenty-three CCCA members, who cover the entire spectrum from the physical causes to the socio-economic impacts of climate change. Thus, the CCCA Service Centre can provide knowledge based on its own experience and on the various perspectives of its members. In addition, this process provides researchers with regular feedback on current societal needs.


Should you require support for an event, or be looking for participants/speakers/experts, please contact the CCCA Service Centre. We are happy to help!