CCCA Annual Reports

CCCA annual overview 2022

The Austrian climate community is growing.
Numerous new initiatives are forming, protest actions are stirring up emotions and the topic is also increasingly dominating the media. Climate science is not sleeping either: in addition to the start of the work of the 2nd APCC Assessment Report Climate Change, a background paper on the remaining Austrian greenhouse gas budgets, which was jointly developed in the community, was published and only a few days later the APCC Special Report Structures for Climate Friendly Living.

With the new initiative Klimszenarien.AT, new climate scenarios for Austria will be developed under the umbrella of CCCA and under the leadership of GSA (formerly ZAMG) and the CCCA Service Center. In addition, a new format for knowledge transfer was created with the knowledge snacks. These provide a brief insight into various climate-related topics in a compact postcard format.

Find here the annual report for download!

CCCA Annual Review 2021

In 2021, our network had the pleasure of celebrating its 10th anniversary. The past ten years were marked by ups and downs, by great successes but also by disagreements. The alarming development of the climate makes the work of the CCCA and its now 29 members, 3 operational institutions and numerous partner organizations increasingly important and demands more and more commitment.With 2021, we have entered what will be a landmark decade for the future climate on our planet....

In the annual overview you will find at a glance all that has happened!

CCCA Annual Report 2020

2020 was a challenging year for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the fragility of life, brought home to us the vulnerability and systemic risks of our social structures as well as global economic structures. The climate crisis, however, has the potential to cause even more serious impacts on our lives. But we still have a chance to mitigate climate change. For this, joint efforts are urgently needed, which unfortunately, five years after the Paris Climate Agreement, we still have to push for.

Despite the cancellation of some events (e.g. Climate Day), the CCCA and its institutions can look back on numerous successful activities, such as the publication of the Climate Status Report 2019, the implementation of the actual analysis of research activities at Austrian universities and non-university research institutions on behalf of the BMBWF, and the virtuelle networking event on health and climate change, together with the British Embassy. Together with the Alliance of Sustainable Universities, UniNEtZ and Scientists for Future Austria, we launched an appeal of scientists to join forces for climate policy, which has been signed by more than 750 scientists so far.

These and other activities are described in more detail in the Annual Report 2020.

CCCA Annual Report 2019

The year 2019 again brought a variety of activities and achievements for the Climate Change Centre Austria and its member institutions. In the annual report, you will get, among other things, an overview of the increased collaboration between Austrian climate research and civil society to jointly make the call for effective climate policies more heard, international visibility and strengthening, establishment in the business community, and promotion of young researchers.

New this time is the publication of the annual report also in English!

CCCA Annual Report 2018

Under the motto "CCCA goes International", the highlights of the CCCA activities of 2018 were again summarized in an annual report. In a compact way, this report presents the achievements and services of the CCCA institutions, events, cooperations and the numerous activities of the CCCA community. The online version can be found here. The print version is available at Climate Day and other CCCA events.

For the first time since its inception, CCCA has produced an annual report to provide a compact and clear presentation of its achievements and services, events and collaborations, projects and outreach, and much more.

This will now happen annually to increase visibility and present the collaboration in the best possible way.