Climate Knowledge

The CCCA sees itself as a knowledge hub and makes climate knowledge available in various different forms and ways.

The CCCA Fact Sheets present knowledge from the areas of basic research, adaptation, and mitigation in a comprehensible way.

A comprehensive literature database will shortly be available, containing not only peer-reviewed but also grey literature on climate change in Austria.

In the context of drawing up the Austrian Assessment Report Climate Change (AAR14), the IPPC glossary was expanded and adapted to the needs of the AAR14. The APCC glossary is continued by the CCCA as a living document for CCCA members.

Moreover, the CCCA provides information on Austrian research programmes promoting climate change research, including information about current calls for proposals, as well as a list of national and international networks.

A collection of references to interesting publications and reports on climate change and on CCCA activities is under preparation.