About CCCA

CCCA – Climate Research Network Austria

The Climate Change Centre Austria – CCCA was founded in Vienna on 18 July 2011.

The CCCA is a contact point for researchers, politicians, the media, and the public for all questions concerning climate research in Austria. Thus, the CCCA promotes a sustainable climate dialog.

The term “climate research” encompasses the scientific examination of climate change, its physical, political, economic, cultural and social causes, the consequences of climate change for society, the economy and the environment, climate mitigation and adaptation strategies and identification of vulnerabilities and capacities.
There are three operational CCCA bodies engaged in achieving the centre’s vision, which is to internationally distinguish and nationally consolidate intensified, high-standard climate research:

  • CCCA Coordination Office
  • CCCA Service Centre
  • CCCA Data Centre

Climate Research

“Climate research” encompasses the scientific investigation of

  • climate change
  • causes for climate change (physical, political, economic, cultural, social)
  • climate change impacts on society, economy, the environment
  • mitigation (climate protection strategies)
  • adaptation (to climate change)
  • identification of vulnerabilities / opportunities

Mitigation and adaptation encompass

  • design / implementation of measures
  • changes concerning social patterns of production, consumption, and behaviour

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