Membership Options

see also the CCCA statutes §4, here

1.    Full membership:

Full membership is granted to all institutions based in Austria whose scope of functions includes academic research and who carry out research on climate change, at least as part of their institutional functions. Full members have the same rights and responsibilities and manage the association’s operative activities as well as its thematic and strategic focus.

2.    Supporting membership:
Supporting membership is available to all institutions and individuals who are interested in supporting the CCCA’s objectives and goals on a material or non-material level. Supporting membership is based on a partnership agreement between the CCCA and the respective institution or individual either indefinitely or for a specified period of time.

3.    Other forms of membership can be decided by the General Assembly.

Becoming a Member

Download membership form (German only)

Please return the original of the completed, signed and stamped form to the CCCA Coordination Office.

Decisions concerning the admission of new members are made by the CCCA Management Board and General Assembly at their next meeting.