CCCA Working Groups

There are strategic and thematic working groups within the CCCA. They consider and discuss specific projects, activities, or issues of strategic importance to the CCCA are in a more comprehensive format. The CCCA assists its members in establishing working groups, oversees the activities and ensures that the findings of the WGs are communicated to the network.

The CCCA Board implements strategic working groups to advance specific projects, activities, or issues of strategic importance to the CCCA within a more comprehensive format. Individual members of the CCCA Board are assigned to working groups and the working group members are determined by the Board. The WGs are, however, managed by the members.
The head of a working group coordinates the group activities and in collaboration with the WG representative he or she regularly reports to the Board on the WG’s progress and findings.

  • Climate Services WG - Currently dormant

  • Data Centre WG
  • Junior Researchers WG - Currently dormant
  • Science Plan WG

CCCA members initiate thematic working groups and propose them to the Board. The latter then decides whether to establish the respective groups. At least three CCCA member organisations must be involved in a WG proposal.

  • Consumption Based GHG Accounting WG
  • Klimagerechtigkeit WG
  • KlimKom WG
  • Klimaneutral WG
  • KlimaSchutzRecht (ClimateProtectionLaw) WG
  • SÖT WG

To submit a proposal for a thematic working group, the following information is required:

  • topic/research question of the working group
  • goal of the working group (including a rough plan for the first year)
  • planned results
  • head of the working group
  • list of additional interested experts and individuals within and outside the CCCA
  • budget required for one year (incl. a list of the main planned items)
  • required/desired support from the operational CCCA facilities

The form for proposing a thematic working group is available here.