Welcome to the APCC!

Over the course of a three-year process, Austrian scientists researching in the field of climate change have produced. The Austrian Assessment Report 2014 (AAR14), an assessment report on climate change in Austria, follows the model of the IPCC Assessment Reports. In this extensive work, more than 200 scientists depict the state of knowledge on climate change in Austria and the impacts, mitigation and adaptation strategies, as well as the associated known political, economic and social issues. The Austrian Climate Research Program (ACRP) of the Klima- und Energiefonds (Climate and Energy Fund) has enabled this work by financing the coordinating activities and material costs. The extensive and substantial body of work has been carried out gratuitously by the researchers.

The project APCC is closely linked to the CCCA and pursued also the goal of strengthening the community of Austrian climate researchers. Under the aegis of the CCCA, the APCC is continued. Therefore a working group APCC was established bringing together authors of the AAR14.