10 Years CCCA - Review

The Austrian Climate Research Network for a Sustainable Future

To honor the past of the CCCA, but also to underpin the future of the network, the 10th anniversary of the CCCA was celebrated together with numerous pioneers and companions, under strictest Corona rules, on 11.11.2021. Besides CCCA members and partners, representatives from ministries, media and other experts were invited. About 80 guests accepted the invitation to celebrate the anniversary together with the board and the team of the CCCA. The tenor was clear: Only collectively will we master the challenges of climate change, and the independent voice of science has a decisive role to play in this.

From a scientific perspective, the cooperation and input of all disciplines is needed to successfully deal with the social, ecological and economic challenges and opportunities posed by climate change. Within the framework of the Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA), a large number of these disciplines have successfully networked over many years: the CCCA is the network of universities and non-university research institutions founded in 2011, which also use the CCCA as a joint contact point for science, politics, administration and the public, thus making their knowledge and expertise in the field of climate change available in a bundled form. With the establishment of a national service center, data center as well as an office for the coordination of the numerous activities, the CCCA offers important services to establish and profile climate and climate impact research in Austria and internationally. Thus, the CCCA has been able to establish itself as an independent voice of science in recent years, playing an important role in the climate debate.

Ten years after its foundation, the alarming development of the climate makes the work of the CCCA and its meanwhile 28 members, 3 operational institutions and numerous partner organizations increasingly important and demands more and more commitment. The CCCA looks back on eventful and successful ten years, but the view is always forward as well.

"We live in a time of information overload, which is pouring in on us from all sides. A coordinated Austrian climate and climate impact research that speaks with one voice therefore has enormous added value in order not to confuse the public with the complexity and diversity of the challenge." Dr. Isabella-Uhl-Hädicke, CCCA Deputy Chairwoman

Increasing heat, drought, and other extreme weather events will cause greater damage and threaten our livability as this century progresses. These worrying scenarios have also been expressed at the COP26 climate conference currently taking place in Glasgow. The political lip service is there, but concrete implementation paths are still missing.

Thus, the CCCA sees it as its social responsibility to make and communicate scientifically sound contributions to meeting the challenge of climate change and supports scientists in their research achievements. As a network agent and mouthpiece of Austrian climate and climate impact research, CCCA provides access to its network and ensures that diversity of methods and opinions are
reflected in its activities.

"The voice of science in public discussions is becoming increasingly important so that debates can also be conducted in a fact-based manner. Due to increasing science skepticism in the population, we cannot (any longer) afford to ignore insufficient or counterproductive activities and simply observe them. We need to get scientifically involved in these processes." Prof. Johann Stötter, CCCA Deputy Chairperson

With 2021, mankind starts into decades that point the way ahead for the future climate and thus also life on Earth. It goes without saying that the CCCA will continue to work for a future worth living in accordance with the Paris climate goals as well as the 2030 Agenda.

"The topic of climate change has gained a lot of public attention in recent years, which has also brought more attention to the CCCA and we are now challenged to use this in the spirit of our common concern - the protection of the climate." Simon Tschannett, CCCA Deputy Treasurer

Due to the dramatic escalation and the increasing need for action, the CCCA has the task of a critical control authority. Measures set by political decision and their implementation by all parts of society must be continuously scrutinized and checked to see whether they actually achieve the goals that are undoubtedly necessary from a scientific point of view. The knowledge about the challenge and the potentials to overcome it results in a great social responsibility for the Austrian climate research community and its network, the CCCA, which has to be fulfilled.

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