Climathon Graz goes Green Tech Jam 2021 - together for a greener future!

Come and join us at Green Tech Jam 2021 on April 16th and 17th! We are looking for brainpowerd enthusiasts with a green heart and a passion for contributing to a sustainable, worth living future!

We prepared 6 challenges for the smartest and bravest of you – are YOU going to hack the Green Tech Jam 2021? The winning teams are awarded 5.000€! Use your know-how and skills to shape a sustainable future!

Be cool. Be green. Be a Green Tech Jammer!

Be part of it! More information and the registration can be found here:

The Green Tech Jam

From April 16 to 17, 2021, students will spend 2 days working on future green tech digitalization solutions as part of an online hackathon. Students from different disciplines (coders, designers, developers, engineers, environmental system scientists, …) in interdisciplinary teams are working on creative new solutions for the Green Tech sector. Green Tech Jammers rapidly prototype product/service designs and develop new ideas to foster growth in the green tech industry. The results will be presented in 10 minutes pitches in front of a professional jury.

Climathon Graz

This year's Climathon Graz will take place as part of the online hackathon Green Tech Jam on April 16-17, 2021. Two out of six challenges have a special focus on climate solutions. They aim at creating ideas to support regions, cities, companies, and start-ups in implementing their climate solutions.

Climathon Graz Challenges:

Climate and Energy Fund: Developing a virtual collaboration tool for regional KLAR! - managers to enhance mutual learning and knowledge exchange

Montanuniversität Leoben (MUL): Circular Economy meets Distributed Ledger - a transparent PET bottle product cycle

Visit the website of Green Tech Jam 2021 and find out more about all 6 challenges competing for the best teams.

Benefits for students:
  • Prize money of € 5.000,- will be divided between the best solutions
  • Participants can freely choose from all 6 challenges
  • The best solutions of the two Climathon Challenges (MUL, Climate and Energy Fund) will compete nationally and internationally for the Austrian and Global Climathon Award
  • Real use cases from industry partners (from large companies to start-ups)
  • Work in interdisciplinary teams and networks with like-minded people and companies
  • Meeting new people through interactive online tools like Discord and Gather Town

Be part of it! More information and the registration can be found here:

The organizers:

Green Tech Cluster:

The Green Tech Valley is a global hotspot for innovative energy and environmental technologies. Located in Styria, Austria it is home to 200 companies and research institutions developing the green technologies of the future. Welcome to the Green Tech Valley!


The Climate Change Centre Austria (CCCA) is a research network supported by Austria’s most important research institutions. It promotes climate research and climate impact research and fosters collaboration in and among those fields. It also provides society and policymakers with scientifically sound information and advice on climate-relevant topics. The CCCA does not actively conduct research but works at the interface of science and society to increase mutual understanding, collaboration and innovation.

Graz University of Technology (TU Graz):

TU Graz has five internationally renowned Fields of Expertise. It maintains a balanced relationship between knowledge-oriented and application-driven basic research and offers a wide range of engineering, scientific and design degree programmes. As an institution, TU Graz has adopted an ambitious roadmap for its path to climate neutrality by 2030.