WG ClimateProtectionLaw

The Working Group ClimateProtectionLaw (AG KSR) is a joint thematic working group of the Climate Research Network CCCA and the Commission Climate and Air Quality of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW-KKL), founded in 2016 on the initiative of Gottfried Kirchengast and Eva Schulev-Steindl, where it carries out the activities within the framework of the KKL Scientific Joint Focus (JF) "Climate and Law". The members of the JF are experts from the fields of law, administration, politics, economics and diplomacy, as well as from different disciplines of law, natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities, who share a common concern for a dialogical interdisciplinary exchange in order to stimulate and promote research, knowledge transfer and public relations in the field of "Climate Change and Law".

An overarching research question of the KSR WG - which aims to work towards answering this question in a variety of ways - is: "How can the legislature and jurisdiction in Austria and the EU better make their essentially necessary contribution to domestic and international climate protection measures and adaptation to climate change in the future through appropriate legislation and

The WG members expect the stronger inclusion, networking and thus self-reinforcement, quality enhancement and visibility increase of jurisprudential climate-related research in the climate research community in Austria to have the potential to strengthen the breadth, depth and interdisciplinarity of climate research in general and to actively contribute to the just transition to climate neutrality in particular.


  • Miriam Hofer (Institute of Public Law and Political Science, University of Graz)
  • Oliver C. Ruppel (Research Center for Climate Protection Law, University of Graz)
  • Daniel Ennöckl (Institute of Law, University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)
  • Gottfried Kirchengast (Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz)

Founding Director:
Eva Schulev-Steindl (University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna)

Contact: climlaw@uni-graz.at