A combined online and face-to-face training in Salzburg, Austria

Photo Credit: Tourismus Salzburg

A combined online and face-to-face training in Salzburg, Austria

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and its related User learning Service invites you to join a blended experience for developing climate services for climate change adaptation by the development of an adaptation case study using climate data from the Climate Data Store (CDS) as well as the CCCA Data Server in Salzburg, Austria. More information on the event to be found on C3S Event page for Austria:

Online Webinar (~90 min) – Thursday, 30. January 2020

C3S Face-to-Face training event (all day), Salzburg, Austria – Tuesday, 18. February 2020

Online Webinar (~90 min) – Wednesday, 4. March 2010

This training targets consultants, policy makers, business entrepreneurs and researchers that wants to learn the process of production of climate services for adaptation. You will work together within a multidisciplinary team to create an adaptation case study. A diverse transdisciplinary group of participants also needs a specific individual self-paced learning path. You will be able to choose in our Learning Experience Platform (https://uls.climate.copernicus.eu) the specific lessons to create your own learning goal within a learning path created for this event. With the objective of producing a climate service for adaptation, you will be able to choose different lessons within the proposed online learning resources.

Part of developing climate services for adaptation is the use of climate data. Climate data are available through the C3S Climate Data Store as well as through the CCCA Data Server. During the face-to-face event a short introduction will be provided to both the Copernicus Climate Data Store as well as the CCCA Data Server, their linkage and potential use for developing climate change services in Austria. But please note that you will not only learn about climate data and the CDS but also on the full process of production of climate services for adaptation. We will ask you to think from the user’s perspective and incorporate the user’s needs in the process of scoping the adaptation case to select appropriated climate data.

Want to learn more about this training?

More information about the C3S User Learning Services: https://climate.copernicus.eu/user-learning-services.

More information about the blended training event and possibility for enrolment can be found on the Learning Experience Platform: https://uls.climate.copernicus.eu/. Register and login and select the event for Austria and click on the registration button.

Travel and subsistence costs will be partly reimbursed [70% of your travel costs and a per diem of € 112,50 per overnight stay with a maximum of 2 nights and only if you don’t live in the city where the F2F will be organized.]

In case this information is not of interest to you, we would appreciate if you could forward to any other person within your network/organisation that might be interested in attending this blended training event.

Kind regards and looking forward to welcome you in the CDS training for Austria,


C3S User Learning Services – Training Programme team

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Cor Jacobs (Wageningen University & Research)

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Janine Quist (Wageningen University & Research)