1.3. Other strategic Agendas

1.3. Other strategic coordination agendas

1.3.1. Collaboration with CSA SINCERE (in particular Work Package 3: "Increasing the International Implementation and impact of JPI Climate Research")

The CSA SINCERE (Coordination and Support Action "SINCERE - Strengthening INternational Cooperation on climatE change Research") aims to internationalize European research cooperation in the field of climate change by bringing together the main national European research funding organizations (represented in JPI Climate) with other relevant actors and scientific institutions.

The International Networking Platform is in close exchange with the Work Package 3 (WP3) "Increasing the International Implementation and impact of JPI Climate Research", which is led at BOKU University (Austria).

1.3.2. Dialogue with the European Commission, especially in connection to Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe as the main research funding program of the European Union addresses major societal challenges, following Horizon 2020 as the next Research Framework Program. Up to 100 billion euros will be made available for research from the EU budget from 2021 to 2027.

In the preparation of Horizon Europe, the International Networking Platform engages in a content-related dialogue with the European Commission through various channels and thereby strengthens Austria's position.

1.3.3. Networking with other international climate change initiatives

There are many active actors and initiatives in climate change research on an international level. In addition to the framework programs of the European Commission, there are also global funding initiatives such as the Belmont Forum, Future Earth or the World Climate Research Programme. Since they are of high relevance especially in the field of agenda setting,  a substantial information exchange and cooperation with them is essential.

At high-level events and groups such as the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) or the Conference of Parties (COP), there are many processes that are run in the background or in preparation of certain events. These processes are also followed beyond the events covered by media, with the aim to coordinate time schedules and topics as well as possible.

On a European level, the exchange and/or cooperation with other initiatives such as the European Climate Resilience Alliance (ECRA), the Climate Europe Festival or the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference (ECCA Conference) is very important to ensure coherence within Europe. Last but not least, the International Networking Platform closely monitors the European Green Deal, related climate legislation and upcoming developments such as the European Panel on Climate Change (EPCC) in order to be able to respond appropriately in terms of content and setting of priority in this area.

1.3.4. Identification and exploration of Austrian research activities

It is important to know the areas in which Austrian researchers are internationally successful, and to identify national research activities, new topics and strengths, so that the interests of Austrian researchers can be well represented. This is a prerequisite to increase the international visibility of these activities.