International Networking Platform for European and International Climate Change Research

The International Networking Platform of the CCCA strengthens the integration of the Austrian research community into international climate change research. This is primarily realized in two areas:  (1) Strategic research coordination within the Joint Programming Initiative Climate (JPI Climate), that operates at the interface between national and international research in the European Research Area (ERA). (2) Various services are offered to the Austrian climate research community, and in particular to the members of the CCCA.


The Networking Platform aims to improve the links between activities of the Austrian research community and the activities of European and international scientists. In addition, the international visibility of research activities in Austria is increased and the Austrian climate research community is informed about and involved in international initiatives. The resulting synergies strengthen the international positioning of Austrian climate change research. In the following paragraphs you will find more information about:

In case of questions about the International Networking Platform, please contact Elisabeth Worliczek, PhD (

You can register for the "International Newsletter" (mainly in German) through the regular CCCA Newsletter.