1.1. Austrian contributions to JPI Climate

1.1. Strategic coordination of Austrian contributions to JPI Climate: Representation in the JPI Climate Governing Board on behalf of the BMBWF

What is a Joint Programming Initiative (JPI)?

Joint Programming is an approach to promote cooperation and coordination of research and development in Europe.

Member states actively participate and contribute national resources to several JPIs, which are thematically oriented towards the major challenges facing society. They cooperate closely with the European Commission but act independently of it.

More details in the JPI video

What is JPI Climate?

JPI Climate ("Connecting Climate Knowledge for Europe") is an initiative of 17 EU member states and associated states which aim for a better coordination of national research programs by jointly coordinating climate research and promoting new transnational research activities.

Membership in the JPI Climate Governing Board

The membership in the JPI Climate Governing Board on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF) sets the thematic agenda through topics that are relevant in Austrian research and abroad. It provides the Austrian climate change research community with access to transnational funding and a wide range of networks and activities.