1. VPF and JPI Climate

Activities related to JPI Climate

A major challenge for science and research funding is to optimize the thematic alignment between research funders and scientists, especially at the intersection of national and international research activities. In this context, the strategic dimension is of particular importance: What research gaps exist and what long-term funding strategies can be used to address them effectively? How can transnational calls for proposals be aligned with national research communities in order to improve the position of Austrian researchers and create good framework conditions for their research? How can the European Research Area (ERA) contribute to the creation of maximal synergies between countries?

The CCCA's International Networking Platform contributes to the improvement by acting at the intersection between funders and scientists, between national and international research agendas and research priorities. Through strategic research coordination, the Austrian research community, and in particular the members of the CCCA, can be better integrated into the international landscape of funding opportunities and initiatives of thematic relevance.

Therefore, the International Networking Platform contributes to the strategic research development of JPI Climate on a transnational level.

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