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Transacademic Interface Manager (Employment as University assistent with doctorate)

At the University of Graz, researchers and students work across a broad disciplinary spectrum to enlarge our knowledge, and find strategies to deal with challenges our society is confronted with and to shape tomorrow’s world. The University of Graz is a place which combines high quality academic research and teaching, where achievement is rewarded, careers are promoted, and social diversity is encouraged – all within a modern, award-winning working environment. Our motto: We work for tomorrow. Join us!
Within its Field of Excellence "Climate Change Graz" the University of Graz is looking for a Transacademic Interface Manager (Employment as University assistent with doctorate) (40 hours a week; fixed-term employment for the period of 3 years; position to be filled as of April 1st 2021 )

The University of Graz Field of Excellence (FoE) “Climate Change Graz” offers a highly attractive research and teaching environment, with the involvement of world-leading faculty across relevant disciplines from its schools of social sciences and economics, natural sciences, environmental sciences, and the humanities alongside different interdisciplinary research groups. Research work of the Field of Excellence on sustainable societal solutions requires the involvement of experts and stakeholders from all areas of society. We seek a professional development of this interface.

Your duties

  • Designing the interface between companies, public administration/politics, NGOs and the population (our stakeholders) on the one hand and research/science on the other
  • Independent accompanying research on transdisciplinary stakeholder processes
  • Initiation, establishment and maintenance of national and international stakeholder networks for cooperation in projects of different research groups in the Field of Excellence
  • Establishment and coordination of transdisciplinary collaboration in research projects (from assessment of needs, development of research questions, co-design and co-production in research to dissemination of research results)
  • Teaching on transdisciplinary stakeholder processes
  • Design and moderation of stakeholder processes
  • Active support in the preparation and processing of new transdisciplinary research cooperations

Your profile

  • Doctorate/PhD in communication, social sciences, economics, humanities or natural sciences or non-university experience or qualification in the expected field of activity
  • Understanding of and experience with research/university and stakeholders
  • Experience in trans- and interdisciplinary work and research contexts, preferably on climate change (in any sub-area, such as climate impacts, adaptation, and/or emission reduction)
  • Several years of experience in the design of dialog processes
  • Knowledge of and practice in interactive methods in large group moderation in virtual and analog formats
  • Excellent knowledge of German and English and, if applicable, experience in publishing (science to public and science to science)
  • High personal motivation for transdisciplinary forms of work
  • High readiness for constructive discussions in interdisciplinary teams
  • Ability and pleasure in independently building and expanding research-relevant networks domestically and abroad
  • Responsible working methods and problem-solving skills
  • Experience or participation in the acquisition and processing of (national and international) third-party funded projects (desirable)

Our offer
Classification: Salary scheme of the Universitäten-KV (University Collective Agreement): B1
Minimum salary: The minimum salary as stated in the collective agreement and according to the classification scheme is EUR 3889.50 gross/month. This minimum salary may be higher due to previous employment periods eligible for inclusion and other earnings and remunerations.

We offer you a job with a lot of responsibility and variety. You can expect an enjoyable work climate, flexible work hours and numerous possibilities for further education and personal development. Take advantage of the chance to enter into a challenging work environment full of team spirit and enthusiasm for your job.

Application Deadline: February 3rd 2021 Reference Number: MB/28/99 ex 2020/21

The University of Graz strives to increase the proportion of women in particular in management and faculty positions and therefore encourages qualified women to apply. Especially with regard to academic staff, we welcome applications from persons with disabilities who meet the requirements of the advertised position.

If you are interested, please submit your application documents including motivation letter, CV, overview of relevant previous experience, certificates, etc. before the stated deadline. Make sure to indicate the reference number on your application to:

For further information please contact Prof. Anke Strüver (; phone: +43 316/380-5138) or Prof. Karl Steininger (; phone: +43 316/380-8441).

Hearings will be on 1st of March 2021 and 3rd of March 2021 (in between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.).
Additional information on the position:

Scientific Staff (post doc) at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (Reference number: 11683)

The University of Vienna (20 faculties and centres, 178 fields of study, approx. 9.800 members of staff, about 90.000 students) seeks to fill the position from 01.03.2021 of a Scientific Staff (post doc) at the Department of Meteorology and Geophysics (Reference number: 11683)

We offer a 4-year post-doctoral position in the framework of the project LARA (Demonstration of a Lagrangian re-analysis), funded by the Austrian Science Fund and the Dr. Gottfried und Dr. Vera Weiss Science Foundation. The position will be embedded in the new research group of Prof. Andreas Stohl on atmospheric Lagrangian transport modelling. Our department has recently hired three new professors and is growing quickly, offering an exciting international research atmosphere. Meteorological re-analyses are arguably one of the most widely used data sets in atmospheric research and beyond. Publications describing these data are the most cited articles in the meteorological literature. All existing re-analyses, however, are of a Eulerian nature and provide data at fixed locations.

While this is perfectly suitable for many scientific studies, other research activities would benefit from a Lagrangian re-analysis that provides meteorological data along continuous trajectories. The goal of LARA is to create the first Lagrangian re-analysis of the atmosphere, based on the existing Eulerian ECMWF re-analysis, ERA-5 and the Lagrangian particle dispersion model FLEXPART (see, which is the main working tool of our research group. The project will provide this new data set to other researchers, but will also use it to answer important questions, such as the characterization of extreme events in temperature, precipitation and wind speeds, the identification of moisture source regions for precipitation, and energy transport between different regions of the globe, including their anomalies, e.g., during El Niño events.The starting date can be as early as 1 March 2020 and the duration is for four years.

Duration of employment: 4 year/s
Extent of Employment: 40 hours/week

Job grading in accordance with collective bargaining agreement: §48 VwGr. B1 lit. b (postdoc) with relevant work experience determining the assignment to a particular salary grade.

Job Description:

  • Research in the framework of the project LARA (Demonstration of a Lagrangian re-analysis);
  • Scientific publications and presentations;
  • Contributions to project applications and the acquisition of third-party funding;
  • Collaboration with and scientific and technical support of group members;
  • Supervision of students;
  • Involvement in the group and department activities.


  • Doctoral / PhD degree in meteorology, physics, chemistry, or related subject;
  • Good communication skills and ability to work in a team;
  • Experience in programming, ideally with Fortran;
  • Proven ability to publish in highly ranked international journals;
  • Excellent command of written and spoken English.

Furthermore, the following skills/expertise will be an asset:

  • Experience with use of atmospheric transport models;
  • Experience with working with re-analysis or other meteorological analysis data;
  • Expertise in statistics;
  • Experience in external fundraising.

Your application should be a single PDF file that includes:

  • A letter of motivation including some arguments why the research field is of particular interest;
  • An academic curriculum vitae;
  • A list of publications and presentations;
  • A list of talks given;
  • Contact information of two references;
  • Degree certificates.

Research fields:
Main research field:  Meteorology, Climatology

Special research fields: Meteorology

Importance: SHOULD

Applications including a letter of motivation (German or English) should be submitted via the Job Center to the University of Vienna ( no later than 31.01.2021, mentioning reference number 11683.
For further information please contact Weinberger, Stefanie +43-1-4277-53709.

The University pursues a non-discriminatory employment policy and values equal opportunities, as well as diversity ( The University lays special emphasis on increasing the number of women in senior and in academic positions. Given equal qualifications, preference will be given to female applicants.
Human Resources and Gender Equality of the University of Vienna
Reference number: 11683

Call for a master’s thesis Background: A structual decomposition to examine variation in resource efficiency


Resource efficiency (RE) is a central subject in environmental science, engineering and policy making and is implemented in various policies and strategic concepts such as circular economy, cascading utilization of resources, bioeconomy, and the SDGs. On an economy-wide scale, RE is frequently defined as the monetary benefit (e.g. GDP) a unit of resource use generates. Studies have shown that high GDP growth rates do not necessarily imply high growth in direct material use. However, taking indirect material use (material footprints) into account, resource coupling with GDP was found to be persistent, which indicates unsatisfactory progress towards RE. Current research highlights the need to identify and study obstacles that undermine societal efforts in improving RE.


The thesis work estimates to which extent different economic domains (e.g. final demand of governments and households, investments, technology development, and the material intensity of primary sectors) have contributed to decoupling and recoupling of monetary benefit with direct and indirect uses of biomass, fossil resources and minerals. To this end, structural decomposition analyses (SDA) will be conducted based on multi-regional input-output data [1]. The results comprehensively show how different domestic and foreign economic domains influence the resource efficiency of the countries under study. The results can be used to identify economic activities that obstruct the effectiveness of RE policies.


  • Enrolled in the Environmental System Sciences master program
  • Basic knowledge in a suitable computing environment (e.g. MATLAB, R, Python ...)
  • Basic knowledge in input-output analysis is an advantage

Further Information. The thesis will be supervised by Prof. Tobias Stern (SIS) and co-supervised by Raphael Asada (SIS). Possible languages are English and German. If you are interested in the topic, please contact until 31 January 2021

[1] Pothen, F., 2017. A structural decomposition of global Raw Material Consumption. Ecological Economics 141, 154–165. 10.1016/j.ecolecon.2017.05.032.

Weitere Stellenausschreibungen

Projektmitarbeiter/in Umweltmanagement (ab 10 Wochenstunden, Option für Masterarbeit)

Die bit management Beratung GmbH ist Teil der bit Gruppe und seit mehr als 25 Jahren in den Bereichen Consulting und Training tätig. In unserem Unternehmensbereich Umweltberatung entwickeln wir aktuell mit proCEED ein Angebot an Circular Business Consulting Services, mit denen wir Unternehmen und Organisationen auf ihrem Weg zu einer nachhaltig erfolgreichen, kreislaufwirtschaftlichen Zukunft begleiten und unterstützen. Dazu werden wir 2021 mehrere Projektanträge (z.B. Erasmus+) einreichen und suchen dafür Ihre Unterstützung als
Projektmitarbeiter/in Umweltmanagement (ab 10 Wochenstunden, Option für Masterarbeit)

Beginn des Dienstverhältnisses: ab März 2021, Dienstort Graz

Nach einer gründlichen Einschulung umfasst Ihr Aufgabengebiet im Besonderen:

  • Entwickeln von und Mitarbeit an Projektanträgen für internationale Projekte (z.B. Erasmus+)
  • Umsetzen von internationalen Projekten
  • Mitarbeit bei der Entwicklung des Unternehmensbereichs Umweltberatung

Was wir fachlich von Ihnen erwarten:

  • Großes Interesse an und solide Grundkenntnisse in den Themen Nachhaltigkeit und Kreislaufwirtschaft (min. abgeschlossenes, facheinschlägiges Studium auf Bachelor Niveau, z.B. USW, BWL, etc.)
  • Sehr gute Englisch-Kenntnisse (C1, mündlich und schriftlich)
  • Text- und Kommunikationskompetenz in Deutsch und Englisch: (Mit-)Verfassen von Projektanträgen, Reports etc., schriftliche, telefonische, virtuelle und face-to-face Kommunikation mit (potenziellen) Projektpartnerorganisationen und/oder KundInnen
  • Solide Microsoft Office 365 Kenntnisse (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint, Teams, Outlook)
  • Projektmanagement-Skills und -Erfahrung (wünschenswert)
  • Grundlegendes Verständnis für didaktische Vermittlung von Inhalten (z.b. blended learning) (wünschenswert)
  • Erfahrung mit Grafik-, E-Learning-, Video-Software (wünschenswert)

Was wir persönlich von Ihnen erwarten:

  • Eigenverantwortliche, strukturierte Arbeitsweise, auch unter Zeitdruck
  • Fähigkeit, „Nein“ zu sagen: Was für uns zählt, ist hoch qualitative Arbeit und exzellente Leistung. Dazu gehört, auch mal nein zu sagen, wenn die eigenen Ressourcen für eine weitere Aufgabe nicht ausreichen.
  • Mut zu und offener Umgang mit Fehlern: Aus Fehlern lernt man am meisten! Das heißt nicht, wir wollen möglichst viele Fehler begehen – aber Fehler passieren. Sie sollten sich nur nicht wiederholen. Je schneller und offener ein Fehler kommuniziert wird, desto schneller kann er behoben und zukünftig vermieden werden.
  • Freundlicher, wertschätzender und respektvoller Umgang: Wir sitzen alle im selben Boot – und wir ziehen alle an einem Strang! Nur wenn wir erfolgreich kooperieren, können wir uns gegen Konkurrenz am Markt behaupten.
  • Last but not least: Wir verstehen uns als lernende Organisation. Deshalb ist es uns wichtig, dass auch Sie selbstständig und eigenverantwortlich lernen, sich z.B. neue Inhalte aneignen oder den Umgang mit digitalen Tools lernen.

Was wir Ihnen bieten:

Herausfordernde und interessante Aufgaben mit vielen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten:

  • Möglichkeiten, unseren Unternehmensbereich „Circular Business Consulting“ mit zu gestalten und mit aufzubauen
  • Möglichkeiten, eigene Projektideen einzubringen und zu entwickeln
  • Berufliche Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten: Vertrieb, Consulting, (internationales) Projektmanagement, Konzeptentwicklung
  • Möglichkeiten, in allen „wünschenswerten“ Bereichen oben Kompetenzen zu entwickeln
  • Möglichkeit, eine Masterarbeit zu verfassen (zu einem unserer internationalen Projekte
  • Ein kollegiales und dynamisches Team
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten (nach einer Einarbeitungsphase mit fixen Zeiten)
  • Möglichkeit für langfristige und nachhaltige Anstellung
  • Für die ausgeschriebene Position gilt lt. Kollektivvertrag ein Bruttogehalt (entsprechend Vollzeit bei 40 Std./Woche, Verwendungsgruppe III) von 1.958,99 € im Monat, bei entsprechender einschlägiger Berufserfahrung ist eine Überzahlung möglich.

Ihre aussagekräftigen Bewerbungsunterlagen (jedenfalls Lebenslauf sowie relevante Ausbildungs- bzw. Dienstzeugnisse/Projektbestätigungen) senden Sie bitte ausschließlich per E-Mail an: MMag. Philipp Schmid, MA,

Weitere Informationen über unser Unternehmen bzw. Ihren Einsatzbereich finden Sie unter bzw.

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