Tipping Points - from climate crisis to positive transformation - Conference bookings now open!

Join us in beautiful Devon to form an alliance to improve warnings of the proximity of catastrophic climate tipping points and to accelerate positive tipping points to avert the climate crisis. 

This unique meeting will explore the latest developments in both negative and positive tipping points, at scales from local to global, and from theory to practice. Attendees are invited to help shape future research and positive action to address tipping points risks and opportunities.

Our programme has been carefully designed to bring together a variety of actors from academia, business, policy, third sector, and society. Through the meeting we will explore the impacts on and opportunities for different regions and sectors such as energy, transport, food systems and finance.

Key themes are:

  • Climate tipping points risks and how to manage them
  • Interacting tipping points across climate, ecological and social systems
  • Identifying positive tipping points across sectors and societies
  • How to trigger positive tipping points

Speakers include:

Tim Lenton - Joint meeting convenor

Johan Rockström - Joint meeting convenor

Ricarda Winkelmann

Stefan Rahmstorf

Simon Sharpe

Laura Pereira

A mix of plenary and panel discussions, plus focused workshops will maximise interaction and networking opportunities. 

We invite keen participants to propose and champion workshop topics to add to an already exciting programme.

Register now

Visit the website for more information on the programme, speakers and how to register for this innovative meeting.

Join us for three intensive, creative and rewarding days at a critical moment for humanity.

If you have any questions about the conference or want to propose a workshop topic, please contact the team on