Background Information on the AAR14

The AAR14 is modelled on the IPCC Progress Reports. It consists of three volumes, each headed by three to four “CO-Chairs”.

The individual chapters are generally compiled by two “Coordinating Lead Authors” (CLA) who coordinate the contributions of the “Lead Authors” (LA) and “Contributing Authors” (CA). The report is organised and submitted by the “Organising Committee” (N. Nakicenovic/TU Vienna and IIASA, H. Kromp-Kolb/BOKU, K. Steininger/Wegener Center University of Graz).

The “Scientific Advisory Board” (SAB) is headed by J. Jäger (Independent Scholar), D. Jacob (Climate Service Center) and D. Messner (German Development Institute). The external review is conducted by the IIASA under the direction of K. Riahi and M. Rogner.


As with the reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the specialist work must be provided free of charge. However, the Climate and Energy Fund’s “Austrian Climate Research Program” (ACRP) covers most material costs, costs for administrative support (such as workshops), print production costs (e.g. graphic design, print), costs for the administrative support of Coordinating Lead Authors and CO-Chairs, as well as the costs for administrating the external review process.


A consolidated overview of the state of knowledge on climate change in Austria (including climate change impacts and adaptation, as well as emission reduction) and of existing research findings provides an important basis for decision-makers from administration, interest groups, the private sector, and NGOs.

The first APCC Stakeholder Workshop took place at TU Wien on 23 January 2012. Around eighty participants contributed to shaping the content and structure of the Report through their interaction with the authors.
The second Stakeholder Workshop was also held at TU Wien on 16 July 2013, once again attracting numerous interested parties and authors.