Map of Competences

The global demand for data, information, and consulting services concerning the topic of “Climate Change – Causes and Impact” is rapidly rising. Against this backdrop, there more and more institutions dealing with this issue and offering products and services for a variety of users.

In close cooperation with the Climate Service Center 2.0 in Hamburg, the Climate Change Centre Austria has developed a platform whose objective is to survey and represent the providers of climate services throughout Europe as well as their service portfolios. Funded by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), a database (called Climate Knowledge Hub) has been created to which providers of climate services can subscribe in order to gain visibility for their products and services. In addition to the common approach of surveying “what is offered by whom?”, the Climate Knowledge Hub also tries to shed light on “why” the respective products and services are offered. For further information and to join the platform go to: