Consultation Green Paper

Consultation process on the Green Paper for an integrated energy and climate strategy. The Green Paper for an Integrated Energy and Climate Strategy was commissioned by the Ministries of Economy, Environment, Social Affairs and Transport and is intended by the commissioners as a basis for an informed and fact-based discussion on an integrated energy and climate strategy.

It is aimed at both the interested public and experts at all levels. The Green Book is the starting signal for a comprehensive participation process on the way to a long-term climate and energy strategy for Austria. It contains a questionnaire that all interested parties can answer and thus contribute their opinion. Obvious inputs for answering the questions from the perspective of climate research are the international framework agreements such as the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as relevant scientific studies from Austria, such as the AAR14 of the APCC, COIN - Cost of Inaction and numerous other studies, which can be referred to in the further process for an integrated energy and climate strategy, this especially as the Green Paper itself does not address this scientific literature.

Information on the Green Paper from the CCCA network

Green Book Consultation Process
Paris Agreement UN Sustainable Development Goals
AAR14 of the APCC
COIN - Cost of Inaction

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