Our Mission

As the coordinating body for the promotion of climate research in Austria, the CCCA pursues the following goals:

To strengthen Austrian climate research

  • Improving the coherence of climate research in Austria
  • Increasing the efficiency of climate research (networking, synergies)
  • Creating a culture of high-quality research
  • Increasing visibility of climate research and understanding of relevance
  • Facilitating cooperation with other relevant areas of research

Facilitate the education of a new generation of researchers and supporting knowledge transfer    

  • Facilitating the education of young scientists
  • Promotion of the Young Scientists working group

To support science transfer

  • networking workshops
  • newsletter
  • intelligible publications

To advise politics and society

  •  Provision of the scientific basis for climate policies on national,  EU and international levels
  •  Provision of target-group orientated education on questions of climate change for various actors in society


Information on CCCA and its development 

Poster on CCCA (German version, April 2015)

GAIA publication on the founding of the CCCA (GAIA 21(1), 2012, German version)

Brochure (English version, Juni 2012)

CCCA presentation at JPI CLIMATE / CIRCLE-2 Workshop, Bologna (November 2011, English version)

Press release on the CCCA Service Centre (Press Conference, 25 September 2012, German version)

Presentation on CCCA at JPI CLIMATE Governing Board Meeting, Vienna (Mai 2016, English version)