Our Mission

Mission & Vision

The CCCA is the Austrian climate research network.

The CCCA understands "climate research" to mean the scientific examination of climate change, its systemic causes, the consequences of climate change for society, the economy and the environment, strategies for climate protection (mitigation) and adaptation to climate change (adaptation).

The CCCA supports members in achieving their research goals and bases its activities on the original research of its members.

The CCCA sees it as its social responsibility to make and communicate scientifically sound contributions to overcoming the challenge of climate change.

The CCCA sees itself as the contact point for all questions about the physical and social basis of climate change, about adaptation and climate protection measures.

Vision of the CCCA: climate research for a sustainable future

To achieve this vision, the CCCA pursues the following missions:

  • Support and networking of climate researchers in Austria (community building)
  • Support and networking in national and international research activities
  • Support for knowledge transfer within the network and to the outside
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary discourses on climate research
  • Promotion of young scientists
  • Setting up and supporting working groups on specific issues
  • Organization and implementation of scientific conferences, workshops and dialogue events
  • Preparation of status reports and other publications on climate change
  • Supporting members in the transformation in line with the UN Agenda 2030 action plan for sustainable development, for example through the exchange of information and experience
  • Scientific advice for political and economic decision-makers

Information about CCCA and its development

CCCA 10th Anniversary Brochure (Vienna, 2021)

CCCA Timeline 2011-2021 (Vienna, 2021)

Vision & Mission as pdf (Wien, 2022)