Call for submissions 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference IST 2020

18-21 August 2020, Vienna, Austria

© Bwag/Wikimedia

We are delighted to invite you to the 11th International Sustainability Transitions Conference which will take place in Vienna from 18 - 21 August 2020. The conference venue will be Campus WU with its internationally renowned architecture.
The conference will be co-hosted by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) in association with the Sustainable Transition Research Network (STRN). IST 2020 will be a great opportunity for the international transitions research community to meet familiar and new faces from all continents and from the many local and international research organizations engaged in transition studies or related fields.

Main Conference Theme
“Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen”
European Parliament has declared a climate emergency, following a number of countries and local communities worldwide. Proposals for a “Green New Deal” have been advanced on both sides of the Atlantic, seeking broad-based support. Calls for “just transitions for all” constitute an integral part of the Paris Agenda and the Green Deal proposed by the President of the European Commission. These and other recent developments create the impression that there is a growing realization of the necessity of immediate and profound systemic change, in order to tackle the manifold global crises of our times. However, business-as-usual and one-size-fits-all approaches won’t be successful in providing the most effective and suitable multi-level and place-based actions, policies and governance approaches that will substantially boost transitions in this respect.

Against this background, the call for IST 2020 “Governance in an Era of Change – Making Sustainability Transitions Happen” invites researchers to put these developments into perspective. Following up on last year´s focus on “Accelerating sustainability transitions”, we specifically invite contributions that address structural issues and causes for current challenges together with the design and implementation of transformative governance and policies for systemic change. Contributions may want to shed light on issues such as the role of the state, the role of non-state actors (e.g. intermediaries, social movements) or new forms of governance tackling multiple, interacting, and potentially overlapping transitions. We also welcome contributions that address the challenges and opportunities of “just transitions”, including e.g. tradeoffs between different sustainability objectives.

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