How to talk to your children about climate change - By Kian Mintz-Woo and Simona Capisani

Many children are aware that the climate is changing, and some of them understand that human actions are behind these changes. But how can we explain something so large—something many of us struggle to process ourselves?

Addressing Climate change with children should involve three steps. First, creating shared values about the natural world. Second, understanding the basics of climate change and previous successful environmental activities. Finally, acting both individually and communally to make contributions to and engage with those addressing the problem.

Connect with Nature

One way to start is to make sure to communicate shared values: the natural world is important both to connect to and to protect. Here in Cork, it is easy to walk with children through the countryside, stop to appreciate both the majestic ocean and frolicking goats, but also to admire the less obvious beauty of spiderwebs or flowers. Explicitly appreciating the environment has benefits beyond making the natural world less abstract.

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Dr Kian Mintz-Woo from UCC, who was at COP26 in Glasgow, joined Ryan Tubridy from RTÉ Radio to help lay out the facts and what we can do to help. They spoke about how easy it can be to get overwhelmed by all the information emerging about Climate Change.

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