Earth Observation Info Days 2021

The European Space Agency, ESA, is organising the EO Info Days to introduce activities in FutureEO Block 4 “EO Science for Society”, Global Development Assistance (GDA), and InCubed programmes.
The main goals of these Info Days will be to present the opportunities for European entities to participate in the activities of these programmes.

The event will take place on 9-12 March 2021 and will be fully online. On 9 March, ESA presentations will be dedicated to these different programmes while 10-12 March will be reserved to dedicated B2B meetings between ESA and potential interested European entities.


The info day is open to participants from Universities, Startups, Value adders, Industry from ESA member States and cooperating states.

Booking your Bilateral Meeting Instructions: this information will be provided on 22 February.

The workshop will be completely virtual, and instructions with respect to the platform used, will be provided in due time before the workshop, as well as the Final Agenda.

Download the draft Agenda

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